Distance / Name
0 Hartnell Farms A293200B-4513-4323-84E3-07B01B709E1A
0.6 Justy's Produce and Flowers C595991D-3CAC-4899-B0BC-EE3CC1C98B54
4.1 Bompa's Blues 83ADD9B6-B107-474D-A56E-25DA5D3D6EEF
4.6 Jay's Blueberries 2D9E00A2-FEEC-43C4-A49D-6D2CDD5DF9F2
5.2 Karam Farm And Garden 33F6930E-CA5F-4451-AE05-139F22B3CF58
6.2 Lavender at Stonegate Farm 03AD71CC-ABF0-47D9-9DD0-32AD5ADE86EA
7 Harwood Farm 78682A73-CFCF-4B5A-B12C-C59A407A42DC
7.3 Olson Farms 1EA9D50C-3FB5-4D5A-AE7D-77EE73FF0401
7.8 Albeke Farms 88B26884-9F21-45E6-99D2-F159CF3859FD
7.9 Oregon Lavender Farm 8B2B57E4-1B19-423B-8FF4-7C36A7CEE1A5
8.3 Vancil-Polehn Farm 708BC1B3-70E1-41E0-8086-20A13FE9017D
8.4 Thompson Farms CC3F276B-C309-49EA-B077-7FCDAA580F0E
8.5 Redland Blueberries & Specialties 1ACC9FAC-03CF-4F19-BDA6-D47002520A8E
8.8 Nodaway Blues Blueberry Farm F3E7CAE2-57CB-4C67-83FB-44FA83A14F0E
8.9 Lee Farms 14E242F5-75F9-43FC-90AF-836ADDA96BF8
10 Wenzel Farm 6A292E84-8E0B-4034-AD34-E38926E9F611
10 Walnut Hill Farm 026161D4-B742-4DCE-B455-7D3ECEF10E35
10 Liepold Farms 611B0C79-173B-4F8A-BF4F-5DC09B64A0AE
10 Oregon Blues BCC2AD27-1541-4790-ACF0-AD31BDC19BC8
10 Kelso Blueberries 16551B83-406E-4BD3-929D-D2E46DAAEC65
11 Flower Farmer and Phoenix & Holly Railroad F7349405-754A-4546-BD18-12CE964CCE6A
11 Three Rivers Farm E4E5A2A7-E51C-4877-87CA-4938B3AFE02F
11 Don Smith’s Tree Farm & Nursery D5D3F121-D652-4775-8D70-C89A716FF5A1
11 Glovers Century Farm 72D76A3C-0D1E-4D76-B34E-652823B5F1BA
11 Eisert Blues 3B503D2D-A50E-4AC3-A7B4-B761F72BFFD1
11 Orient Nursery 9BAD7BFC-96DC-438C-8F7F-DA643E84301D
12 Roses At Riverside A2288138-A97D-4FB0-B15B-F5F4020E3E3F
12 Bushue Family Farm Market and Nursery 66F9EF08-4A31-41E6-A477-8B99F095B708
13 Sweet Home Blues EBDF6024-79D7-4709-81FA-E98FA009AFEE
13 Lone Elder Produce 8154B5E9-60FA-408C-A4DF-65C46AAD7AF8
13 Moon Ridge Farms A61B09BC-7624-46B9-B812-51AD78CBA57B
13 Riley and Sons Oregon Blueberries E4607398-7637-484B-B40B-47C580C6AE65
13 K & J's MAD Chicken Ranch 6D5F5F04-A8C0-4119-9E73-A33AC8ADCC1C
14 Baggenstos Farm Store 8734840B-8C47-4E64-BD29-E48A3C3EA4BE
14 B & B Blueberries 79055ED7-6729-42EC-BDDA-E62955EC8C43
14 Bonny Slope Blueberries 65A8D83A-D33D-4884-83D1-C621DCB1559A
14 Lolich's Farmily Farm B5AC12BA-D8FD-4F05-8734-795C77F5C15A
14 Joe Casale & Son 68868DD9-BF82-4EB5-82DE-204BFD485E86
14 Sleight's Berry Farm 843EE87A-775F-407E-AA7E-01F82D78C4CD
15 Taylor's Blueberries 9DCCA1F2-8197-4EFC-AF12-77A97DA10F35
15 Blueberry Hollow Farm E892D1F6-0B72-44A6-9F4E-F1E34A1FFA78
15 Chateau Lebeau Vineyards 4610B556-314D-41F4-B819-3B93920678B1
15 Sherwood Family Orchards CC052E35-5930-4154-AF55-5745FEABCB36
15 Sandercock Blueberry Farm 1A610267-756A-4C9A-8B13-AAD3355C8AAA
16 Holly Dell 69FE71FE-A4D8-4D9C-9437-0E469683D0CB
17 Bear Hollow 2952D2B2-5199-41D5-9670-F8784FE5ED24
17 Loughridge Farm 5575FB1E-AA3D-4BB5-820E-0C2D4BBBA8E7
17 Rowell Brothers, Inc E585533F-986C-463E-9A24-4D1D9C4A269F
17 Sherwood Lavender Farm 7B5F2D9F-C23F-4F26-91AC-38C6EAF5391A
17 H. I. Bar Farm 2E729529-B359-42F4-B2C0-30E227D3125B
17 Smith Berry Barn 3AA0851C-504E-4B37-9398-D068E3822F25
17 Bell's Orchard 3BBE846E-0CFF-4342-A96D-1B434221D786
17 South Barlow Berries 73915624-0D4E-4AAF-92A6-B3C2FBCD0412
18 Morning Shade Farm 164CE092-DA7C-4570-A0ED-468937EB6DA8
18 Starr Boys Garden Center 511A03E1-6109-41B9-9E97-0EFB2099A685
18 Villave Gardens at Witch Hazel 90C60602-24B9-4949-9CB4-D9F1587CBA9B
18 Firestone Farms- The Peach Pit CB101E1B-F64E-40DB-8A2D-A56B7BD35C99
18 Sara Blueberries 06553A6B-4C3E-4A7D-A60E-9873387D05F1
19 West Union Gardens E687544C-7D72-4871-8298-5A38587D8120
19 Hoffman Farms at Midway 3ABF6A72-0C0D-449F-94C2-8A49CBDF1D31
19 Jaquith Strawberry Farm 97255448-7459-41EB-8ABB-FA81BF4A98BF
19 Valley View Blueberries 1C2A18AB-33D7-480C-B6E7-60C335D17420
19 Dave Heikes Farm Inc 7239D556-7990-4D7A-A529-A7E1FD28813A
19 Meadowglenn Farms 70BB3967-32EA-4185-A370-DC49EBB854C2
19 Schmid Family Farm 92DF43BA-EC62-4015-8158-8231CCE8A3B9
19 Frice's Berry Farm 42419FE2-11E3-4497-B23F-D0917B732E63
20 Mountainside Lavender Farm B0C1E6B3-0948-4845-9ED5-F41A7984DCEB
21 Groveland Acres 470AC1F1-C7EB-468B-940C-1BE92E236A08
21 Stoller Farms D67560BA-83E8-4BF4-9446-C247D47C069B
21 Grossen Peaches CB434E4B-CAA0-4731-AB10-418EE5002302
21 Laurel View Farm FEE77A3E-0518-4326-8286-20B9701817AA
21 Helvetia Lavender Farm 57ADFE4A-F204-43D6-9316-2D8B3FA4CD46
21 Philbrook Farms DAC1C77A-215D-4A00-A716-63AC6AB14774
22 Sonnen Farm C80A2393-398E-4801-B86D-06D6C174E5A9
22 Mark Unger Family Farm, Inc D12F876A-FDCB-4F40-B5CF-3397EF18EC45
22 Smith's Blueberry Flats 0C7766BD-44C0-4877-904D-41A81D9D2522
22 Calloghan's Blueberry Field 617EED67-52DA-402E-AEF0-D6F06FB06AD6
23 Duyck's Peachy-Pig Farm FBBF2E85-5C81-42E5-B6A8-939DF260B1A0
23 Marquam Meadows Fruit Company 7CC29562-5CF7-406E-B15C-6C6C20E2DCA5
23 John Coussens Farms LLC F2E51D17-9CCB-46EA-9E48-AEF36E1EB77E
23 Gregg Farms EABAAD0B-0D45-4D81-BB2F-DDE43054365C
24 Gary's Place 77F10668-CFDB-4B9B-ACFE-C5CBBF84641C
24 Jassy Farms 272EC7B1-C503-493F-93EF-F4C34EF514F3
24 Mattila's Berry Farm B057911A-0E75-40D7-85FC-EFC1BCB8B0F0
24 Majestic Farms C55DCC9D-A34B-443C-8998-BD70F4B6EA24
24 French Prairie Gardens F4B96BB9-BEEA-4B2B-B79F-CEFEC73CE2F6
24 Crawford's Nursery and Produce 48A69960-E2D6-4CA8-AED2-F703D13BA898
24 Sunshower Orchards BA0CE020-2789-4263-A569-3D4355564124
26 Kaye's Blueberries 6D1BEC7D-EC6B-4BC4-8285-3AA98A39B127
26 Bauman's Farm and Garden 64CECFC2-642E-47CC-9F07-618BE6B39974
26 Purdy Enterprises 7D10AFD3-5649-4187-ACE0-149E10D445D8
26 Pumpkin Ridge Vineyard A68F4F3B-E180-4338-9C95-F361EBBEBA5E
26 Hein's Blueberries FC6091F7-82A4-4983-8AF9-5EB39778A3C2
26 Jeff and Jennifer's U-Pick 6B2A2AB8-B4D1-4348-B089-BD74390F9B1C
27 Forster's Blueberry Hill 260A7E47-B127-47E3-BD2D-E94AB32AEB3F
28 Harpole's Produce 4F08AFF8-E0AC-4949-9082-CD1EC6009F4A
29 Courting Hill Vineyard 71ACA53C-1127-4437-B083-6300967CC5F5
29 Greenville Farms 2CEE0953-0166-4526-AD92-ED6852E1C867
30 Veridian Farms 83436F39-979A-4449-9A7E-E1EEC903D763
30 Love Farm Organics 8E314C28-6DB0-463A-B75C-DDF68448B91B


Hartnell Farms

8481 SE Jannsen Road
Clackamas, OR 97015
Tel: (503) 657-5498
Lat/Lon: 45.4134,-122.5772
Updated more then a year ago.

Raspberries | tomatoes | beans | cucumbers
Has been closed on Sundays in the past.
Raspberries, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers
No dates found for this market/stand Listing
No dates found for this u-pick Listing



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